B. Larsson: how to employ at the EU institutions?

larrLecture – discussion “Opportunities and perspectives: how to employ at the EU institutions?“

 At 4 p.m. on the 13th of October a lecture-discussion “Opportunities and perspectives: how to employ at the EU institutions?will take place at the Faculty of Political Science (Putvinskio 23-311) in Kaunas.

Our guest Björn Larsson, Director for Human Resources from the European Union’s diplomatic service (EEAS) in Brussels will have a lecture and participate in the discussion with students and lecturers. EEAS Personnel Director as an official and as a person visits Lithuania the first time.

Discussion moderator prof. Algis Krupavičius.

In the discussion will also participate the guests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania:

– Ričardas Šlepavičius, Director of the Personal Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Rita Kazragienė, Ambassador at Large at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (coordination of employment at EU and international institutions ES)

– Darius Vitkauskas, Minister Counsellor at Permanent representation of Lithuania to the European Union in Brussels

During the meeting, participants will have the unique opportunity to hear about the EU diplomatic service (EEAS), the prospects and opportunities to work in the EU institutions and have traineeships. Our guests know best what people wishing to work at the EU diplomatic service have to know, which competencies and skills to have, how to prepare for the selections.