Bachelor degree studies

International Politics and Development studies

Area of studies: Social Sciences
Mode of Studies: Full-time
Length of Programme: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Bachelor in Political Science

Head of the programme: prof. dr. Egdūnas Račius

With the global demand for development specialists, the International Politics and Development Studies program, being one of the rare BA level programs of its kind in Europe (and practically sole in Eastern Europe) is unique in that it, in addition to providing classical Political Science education, lays fundamentals of development theories and practice, all this with a focus on one of the developing regions. Currently, the programme covers the Middle East and former Soviet Union but is foreseen to expand to include Latin America. In connection with this, students are given the opportunity to study one of the area languages (such as  French, Arabic, Turkish and Russian) for four semesters. During their studies, students are required to do internship at relevant institutions, something that enhances their practical skills and ability to put theory into practice.

As the programme is physically set in Lithuania, through its teaching staff as well as students it ingeniously combines the Western European expertise and Eastern European experiences.

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World Politics and Economy

Area of Studies: Social Sciences
Mode of Studies: Full-time studies
Length of Programme: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Bachelor of Political Science and Economic Science

Head of the programme: doc. dr. Gintaras Šumskas

Study Programme World Politics and Economy  incorporates two main disciplines: political science and economy. Graduates of the programme achieve diploma of Social sciences with Major in Political Science and Minor in Economics.

This programme gathers the best experts in the field: prof. dr. Šarūnas Liekis, prof. dr. Algis Krupavičius, Assoc. Prof. dr. Andžej Pukšto and others.

Students will be studying such subjects as Global Politics, International Relations and Security, International Economic Relations, International Political Economy. Also will be introduced with the specifics of different regions – European Union, Latin America, Asia, North America, post Soviet countries, etc.

Graduates of the programme will be able to pursue their studies in more specialized master’s programmes in political science, economics and other social sciences and humanities at Vytautas Magnus University and other Lithuanian or foreign universities, or to engage in practical activities: work as political advisers, reviewers, managers and economists in Lithuanian and foreign public institutions, national embassies, consular offices, non-governmental organizations, the EU and other international organizations, institutions and offices, the private sector, the media and other public information media.

Specialists will be able to compare various countries political and economic processes and to initiate, develop and implement a variety of political, social and economic projects. Graduates will have the knowledge, abilities and skills to develop and implement international projects, actively participate in the EU Neighbourhood region (the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy, the Mediterranean Partnership), NGO forums, to deal with Eastern Europe and the rest of the world political and economic problems, anticipate potential scenarios for the future and at the same time represent Lithuania and other countries.

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