Public lecture of an energy security expert

VlcekDr. Tomas Vlcek, an expert of energy security from the Czech Republic will give lectures on nuclear dimension of energy security and activities of Russian nuclear company in Central and Eastern Europe on 12-15 September, at the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy.

Dr Tomas Vlcek is a specialized researcher at the International Institute of Political Science and lecturer at the Energy Security Program, International Relations and Energy Security Centre at Masaryk University. He is a member of the academic association Czech Nuclear Education Network. His academic interests include the energy security of the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe, especially in relation to the nuclear and electricity sectors.  He wrote his Doctoral dissertation on the Druzhba pipeline and alternatives to Russian crude oil supply for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Dr. Tomas Vlcek will give the following lectures:

12 September, 13:15, Gedimino st. 44 – 202 – “Crude Oil Infrastructure Alternatives in Central Europe”.

12 September, 15:15, Gimnazijos st. 7 – 101 – “Nuclear Energy in Central and Eastern Europe and the Operation of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation”.

13 September, 13:15, Gedimino g. 44 – 203 – “Rosatom in Central Europe – a Putin’s Hand or Effective Company?”