Centenary of Independence of Finland: experts’ discussion

On the 18th of December experts’ discussion devoted to reminiscing and analyze the centenary of the independence of Finland took place at the Faculty of political science and diplomacy of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas.

His Excellency Mr. Christer Michelsson, Finnish Ambassador to Lithuania,  Mr. Henrik Meinander, professor of Helsinki University, also researchers of Vytautas Magnus university-  dr. Linas Venclauskas, dr. Giedrius Janauskas, dr. Sima Rakutienė, dr. Tomasz Blaszcak and others –  discussed Finnish role in the region, historical and political relations with Sweden and Russia, socio-political transformations of  Finnish society.

Professor Henrik Meinander presented his book „A History of Finland: directions, structures, turning points“. The book highlights how Finland “gradually transformed and maturing into a conscious nation, independent state and skillful adapter of modern technology“.

Finnish Parliament declared the independence of the country on the 6th of December in 1917.

The event took place in V.Putvinskis st. 23 – 312, at 14.00.


More information: Vice- dean dr. Sima Rakutienė ( sima.rakutiene@vdu.lt )

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