Europe on the Brink: Addressing the Refugee Crisis

ref-300x200On Tuesday 15 March, 6 p.m., at VMU Small Hall (28 S. Daukanto g.) United Nations Student Club and Kaunas International Medical Student’s Union are organizing a discussion entitled Europe on the Brink: Addressing the Refugee Crisis.

The discussion will focus on the future of both the EU as a supranational organization and the refugees who are fleeing wartorn countries. The number of refugees entering Europe is increasing daily, which is creating tension and conflict among EU members while decisions about policies of integration are coming up against policies of refoulement.

Before the discussion, the organizers will present brief, informative case studies of 6 countries who are very much entrenched in the refugee crisis. In these case studies the participants will analyze asylum policies in place, the number of refugees entering the country, the opinions of local residents towards the refugees, and any violence perpetrated against the refugees or by the refugees. They will also discuss how the refugee crisis is challenging/changing political borders (Schengen) and how immigration is causing difficulties within European society (cultural clashes, existing violence, the rise of far right movements, etc.). Furthermore, the way the media portrays the crisis will be examined, as well as how that perpetrates a certain image of the refugees.

The following countries will be presented and discussed: Greece, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Lithuania.

The discussion will be held in English.

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