Intensive course on Security Challenges in the Post-Soviet Area

Assoc. Prof. Gražvydas Jasutis, visiting research fellow in Geneva Academy of IHL and Human Rights, will give an intensive course on Security Challenges in the Post-Soviet Area in 2018/2019 Spring semester from 27of February till 8th of March for master students of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy.

Assoc. Prof. Gražvydas Jasutis is a conflict management practitioner and held various positions in the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia, the EU Monitoring Mission in Aceh (Indonesia), the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, the OSCE Mission in FYROM, the Permanent Delegation to NATO, and the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania.

The course is a cross-disciplinary field of study that invites participants to learn big about the security and military issues in the post-soviet countries. It offers unique and practice-based approach to provide a disciplined and methodological review of conflicts, insurgency, military reforms, defence cooperation and regional military build-up. The course fundamentally applies a methodology of security (occasionally military) and conflict analysis.

The Department of Political Science invites students to enrol in this intensive course „POD5008 Spec. Course: Explaining Security Challenges in the Post-Soviet Area” at the student self-service portal when the registration for 2018/2019 Spring semester will be open.


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