Public lecture about climate change

what-is-climate-change21st November 16:30 public lecture by dr. Florian Rabitz will be held in the Faculty of Political science and Diplomacy (Putvinskio g. 23-312) about the climate change.

Climate change is the defining environmental problem of our times yet political attempts at reducing global greenhouse gas emissions are not moving at the speed that is required. Recently, climate diplomacy has been reinvigorated with several important developments across multiple international forums. How effective is the novel institutional landscape likely to be? Could it succeed where the Kyoto Protocol did not? And what do the present changes tell us about the functioning of international institutions more broadly?

Florian Rabitz holds a PhD in political science from the Free University Brussels. He is working primarily on environmental-, technology and energy policy, with particular emphasis on international institutions and global governance. He has taught at the University of São Paulo and is presently a consultant for emissions trading.

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