Public Lecture The Changing Media Landscape in a Post-Truth World

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy is inviting to public lecture The Changing Media Landscape in a Post-Truth World. The lecture will be given by Nicholas Kralev, Executive director of the Washington International Diplomatic Academy, an author and enterpreneur specializin in international diplomacy, media and global travel.

Information has become a commodity that more and more people, businesses, governments, terrorist networks and others are trying to control. The definitions of “fact” and “truth” have become questionable at best and irrelevant at worst, as citizens choose to believe stories that reflect their own agenda and way of thinking. Kralev will address the challenges this creates for both legitimate media organizations and the public, as well as its impact on such sacred journalistic values as objectivity, credibility and trust. He will also discuss the role of social media, information technology and innovation in the future of news-gathering, content-creation and disseminating information.

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