Department of Regional Studies

Department of Regional Studies seeks to develop and deepen knowledge of regions across the globe. The department conducts study programmes of separate regions, aiming to stimulate students to develop an interest in the culture, societal structure, history and contemporary politics of a specific region.

Bachelor degree programme

Master degree programmes

  • Scandinavian and Baltic studies (taught in Lithuanian)

Department of Regional Studies

  • V. Putvinskio str. 23 – 609, LT-44243 Kaunas, Lietuva
  • Ph. (+370 37) 206706
  • E-mail:

Milena Antanavičienė



Dr. Sima Rakutiene

Head of the department, lecturer

Fields of academic interests

International institutions and institutionalisms, foreign and neighbourhood policy of the EU, EU institutions, regional and inter-regional cooperation in the Baltic sea region and Eastern Europe.


Rasa Baločkaitė

Associate professor

Fields of academic interests

Discursive power relations, class, gender, race representation in the media, colonialism and postcolonial studies, the Soviet period, Post-Communist Studies.


Saulius Mykoliūnas

PhD candidate, researcher/ doctorant, chercheur

Fields of academic interests/ Domaines des intérêts académiques

Political development of Francophonia, African studies, International Francophonia Organizations, United Nations, NGO / Développement politique des pays de la Francophonie,  Etudes de l‘Afrique, Organisations internationales de la Francophonie, Organisations du système des Nations Unies, ONG.

Regions of academic interest: France, Canada, Senegal, Tunisia, Morrocco, Algier / Régions de l‘intérêt académique: France, Canada, Sénégal, Tunisie, Maroc, Algérie

E-mail /Courriel: